Our vineyards

Piedmontese excellence

The safeguarding of territorial integrity

To make high-quality wines, you need the utmost respect for nature because good wine is made in the vineyard.

We celebrate the land that we call home every day by tending to it with love.

We take care of the land, opt for natural processes and respect the timings of perfect wine-making.

In our opinion, to love means to nurture what is around us in order to preserve it and allow it to grow.

The great attention we pay to our vineyards showcases the respect we have towards the natural cycle of wine production. It is in fact the seasons, the land and the weather conditions that determine the unique and special flavours of each year.

Our business is particularly fond of the old family vineyards.

The oldest one was implanted in 1936 by Giovanni Boeri, the grandfather of current owners Giorgio and Roberto.

This vineyard continues to thrive and its grapes are used to make the Pörlapà, an intense and velvety Barbera.

Tending to the vine

A year in the life of a winegrower

  • 1-2

    January – February

    Pruning the vines.

  • 3


    Binding the vine shoots.

  • 4


    Routine inspections of the vineyards, eliminating all excess weeds, and replacing dead or sick vines. Bottling of the vintage Chardonnay whites and the Barbera and Dolcetto reds.

  • 5


    Suckering and green pruning. This is a very important stage of the cleaning and preparation of plants for winter pruning.

  • 6-7

    June – July

    Binding the plants to make sure they are perfectly vertical; manual de-leafing to better expose the grapes to the sun, with the aim of ensuring that the nearby leaves do not impede the passing of light and air, which are essential for the appropriate ageing of the grape (what's more, excess leaves also consume the energy and nutrition that the plant should give its fruits).

  • 7-8

    July – August

    Towards the end of July, thinning out the plants which produce grapes in abundance; the excessive bunches are removed to further increase the quality of the remaining fruit. Bottling the most important wines.

  • 9

    10th – 20th September

    Manual harvesting the white grape varieties.

  • 9-10

    End of September – Start of October

    Manual harvesting the red grape varieties.

  • 10-11

    October – November

    Working in the winery, from fermentation to filtration, and transferring the wine into steel containers or wooden barrels.

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